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The Victorian LeNormand


The deck that started it all!

The Victorian LeNormand

The items that are available for purchase.

The deck that started it all.....

Personally created to be used by me. Shared images

on Facebook . . . people wanted to buy them . . so here

it is !


Alone's Vision Lenormand


The deck that started it all!

A beautiful Lenormand deck 

A beautiful set of images, created Lenormand deck, shared with our group. Offered here for the people

that wanted a professionally printed version of the cards. 

Thanks, Alone!


Lenormand of Daily Life


The deck that started it all!

Fresh modern Lenormand deck 

I wanted to create a modern take on the

traditional deck of the Lenormand.  Defaultly printed

on Linen stock.



Coin Purse Storage Bags

The perfect place to store . . .  

The perfect place to store your favorite Lenormand

oracle decks. Just the right size for any of the decks 

offered here. Zipper top, pictures in the galleries!


The D-B Fortune Telling Deck


The deck 30 years in the making . . .  

The deck modeled after my mother's system 

of card reading. Why have to learn the individual 

cards, when the meanings are right there on the

cards themselves.


​For orders of more than one deck, just click the "Add to Cart" button again, to add 

to your shopping cart. I finally have this thing more customizable! 

Thanks in advance,  Willis Briggs

Card Dimensions:  MINI: (1.75"x2.5")   /   BRIDGE: (2.25"x3.5")   /   POKER: (2.5"x3.5")   /   TAROT: (2.75"x4.75")

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